Akshat Virgin Coconut Oil!

Akshat” is a 100% pure virgin coconut oil extracted from fresh coconut milk using the centrifuge method. This is the traditional and natural process of separating cream from milk by agitation. No chemicals or external heat is used. All the nutrition & goodness in coconut milk is obtained in the oil.

Cold-pressed VCO available in the market is generally made from oven-dried grated coconut. Akshat VCO extracted from fresh coconut milk is the only artisan grade virgin oil with bioactive lauric acid, polyphenols & ketones.

Akshat VCO contains “Lauric Acid”, which is otherwise found only in breast milk & plays a key role in improving the immune system. VCO is internationally acclaimed as the “Mother of All Oils”. Being extremely light weight, VCO deeply penetrates the skin or scalp and provides long-lasting corrective effects. It is considered to be “Best Natural Medicinal Oil”